Treehouse Project 07 East Austin Carpenters Project

Treehouse Project

Done after hours, and on weekends this is our current office space. The floor insulation is Owens Corning R30; the walls are the new fiberglass r-15 and the roof r-22! And being a small space, it holds heat or A/C very well. The finishes are Pvc trim, Fiberglass reinforced plastic, FRP (The wall covering was chosen because it’s more lightweight and modern). The window trim is all Pvc, with Milgard windows, (custom Euro style) similar to casement but have no crank hardware and swing-out freely. After installing epoxy flooring, we built in a hip roof, giving the finished project a reliable metal roof.

Brian's Banquette 06 East Austin Carpenters Project

Brian’s Banquette

Looking for a custom solution for this odd kitchen space which for years had been part laundry room, Brian contacted us toward the end of one of those long contactor horror stories. We were able to coordinate the trades and get it done on schedule. We even added an artsy banquette to give Brian’s newly remodeled kitchen more new life.

Casita Remodel Project East Austin Carpenters 16

Austin’s House

Austin Needed the place to be cleaned up because they were expecting a new baby! We thought it would be a great idea to do some trim carpentry around the house. We polished the concrete floors and replaced the base board. remodeled the kitchen and bathroom with concrete countertops. Then tiled the floors and the shower, replaced the plumbing in the tub, built custom cabinets and shelving, finishing up with brand new interior painting. expanded the awning over the front entry, and replaced the roof with metal roofing. We created a standing seam roof, which made for a great galvalume roof.

VIEW WEST KITCHEN PROJECT East Austin Carpenters 13

Russel’s Kitchen

Russel was contemplating moving and wanted to upgrade their kitchen and outdoor area. We rebuilt and painted the pergola and deck. When it came to the kitchen remodel, we did a complete cosmetic refacing of the kitchen cabinets and laundry room. New countertops, lighting, backsplash, sink, and oven. We even included shaker doors with Euro hinges, sprayed enamel, can lighting, and plumbing.

East Austin Carpenters 7405 Eastcrest Dr Project 00

Peter’s Shelves

We had a lot of fun with this project. It was a prototype for this method of installing floating shelves using 5 1/2″ long 1/2″ wide x 1″ steel bolts. the mortices are made using a Festool Domino Joiner. We decided on using a “live” or “free” edge where the original profile from the tree trunk is left nearly in its natural state. The walnut we selected was finished using an oil based polyurethane to stand up to being washable in a kitchen environment.

DERON'S LIVING ROOM East Austin Project 07

Deron’s Living Room

Deron Neblett work for tree-house, one of our biggest clients. He wanted to have us help tearing out a wall and adding some light to his condo, with this 4 panel slider. We also added a small awning style window to the outside wall.

Dana's Porch00 East Austin Carpenters Project

Dana’s Porch

Dana was looking for something modern and matching the style of the neighborhood. I brought in Charles Melansen, the architect, to help with this design, which maximized the space, and we really ended up with a piece of art.

Kevin Waggoner's Banquette 00 East Austin Carpenters Project

Kevin’s Banquette

Kevin Waggoner reached out for our kitchen, home remodeling, and handyman services. Our biggest attention pieces were our kitchen cabinet designs. One of our favorite neighborhoods, View west in Oak hill. We started working our way down the block because everyone was excited about our work!

Ron’s House

Home renovation work done for Ron out in Spicewood TX. We started with some exterior repairs, cutting the deck around the oak trees, replacing fascia in areas with hail damage, and ended up replacing 5 of the very large exterior doors with custom made units, which involved removing and replacing the glass from the damaged units. We still provide Ron with Home maintenance and recently re built the wine cellar. The insurance restoration really helped after an HVAC unit failed and damaged the walls.

Custom cabinet installation projects

One of our most sought after services is our custom kitchen cabinet installations. We’ll have you select your preference of material to complement the rest of your kitchen renovation. Along with cabinets, we also renovate your kitchen cupboards to add a finishing touch to your kitchen remodel.

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