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East Austin Carpenters has worked tirelessly and excelled in providing service to the Texas area.

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Remodeled Home Exterior Circle
Remodeled Home Exterior Circle


Outdoor Living Areas2
Outdoor Living Areas2


Fireplace Remodeling EAC Service
Fireplace Remodeling EAC Service


Quality Craftmanship
Quality Craftmanship


Service Areas

We have a team that is committed to delivering quality craftsmanship that is innovative and enthusiastic to be working on something that matters, for persons who expect and appreciate quality work.

Bouldin Creek, TX

Ralph's Deck 02 East Austin Carpenters Project

Ralph’s Deck

Ralph wanted to create this play area for his kids, and we installed a few…
Dana's Porch00 East Austin Carpenters Project

Dana’s Porch

Dana was looking for something modern and matching the style of the neighborhood. I brought…

Brentwood, TX

Will's Garage 04 East Austin Project

Will’s Garage

Will wanted to remove this old faulty steel structure and make the house footprint smaller…

Cherrywood, TX

Sam's Roof 08 East Austin Carpenters Project

Sam’s Roof

Learning the insurance restoration process is an ongoing education. This project is an excellent example…

Downtown Austin, TX

Rio Grande St 09 East Austin Carpenters Project

Rio Grande st

Replacing this wood deck railing, which had decayed on this historical building downtown, was a…
San antonio st 06 east austin carpenters project

San Antonio st

The remodeling company Solluna builders called us to help with this project downtown. Roof…

Givens Park, TX

Treehouse Project 07 East Austin Carpenters Project

Treehouse Project

Done after hours, and on weekends this is our current office space. The floor insulation…
Concrete Fire Pit 07 East Austin Project

Concrete Fire Pit

After a few challenging projects building custom concrete countertops, we wanted to try something new….

Govalle, TX

Casita Remodel Project East Austin Carpenters 16

Austin’s House

Austin Needed the place to be cleaned up because they were expecting a new baby!…

Holly, TX

No post found!

Hyde Park, TX

Mandi's Deck 10 East Austin Carpenters Project

Mandi’s Deck

In our first project with Yarrow Landscaping (link), we designed and built the deck, patio…
Brian's Banquette 06 East Austin Carpenters Project

Brian’s Banquette

Looking for a custom solution for this odd kitchen space which for years had been…

Jollyville, TX

David's Porch 01 East Austin Carpenters Project

David’s Porch

Framing, Roofing, and screened porch redesign. David asked us to create this patio cover skeleton…

Mueller, TX

Tim's Pergola 03 East Austin Carpenters Project

Tim’s Pergola

A local Architect who lives near Chris contacted us about building this pergola because he…

Northwest Hills, TX

Carlo's Deck 10 East Austin Carpenters Project

Carlo’s Deck

Carlos had a two story deck That was falling apart after 30 years. It was…

Oak Hills, TX

VIEW WEST KITCHEN PROJECT East Austin Carpenters 13

Russel’s Kitchen

Russel was contemplating moving and wanted to upgrade their kitchen and outdoor area. We rebuilt…
The Curran Family Deck Remodel East Austin Carpenters Project 00

Judy’s Deck

Looking to expand their space and replace the decaying post that was holding up part…
Kevin Waggoner's Banquette 00 East Austin Carpenters Project

Kevin’s Banquette

Kevin Waggoner reached out for our kitchen, home remodeling, and handyman services. Our biggest attention…

South Congress, TX

Spicewood, TX

Ron’s House

Home renovation work done for Ron out in Spicewood TX. We started with some exterior…

Volente, TX

Sherry’s Deck East Austin Carpenters Project Featured Image

Sherry’s Deck

One of our favorite long time clients in Volente (Hi Sherry!). Aside from cabinet painting,…

Windsor Park, TX

Alice's Porch 05 East Austin Carpenters Project

Alice’s Porch

Another exterior home remodel project coordinated with Yarrow landscaping . This project took some thought,…

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