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We get calls every day from prospective clients asking for an estimate or a bid. 

Unfortunately, people often underestimate how complicated a construction project can be:

  • Your project can have a ton of different moving parts.
  • Different trade professionals needed at different times
  • Dependencies on suppliers, permits
  • & Many other sometimes unforeseen complications.

But the biggest problem many of our clients face is: 

They don’t have a clear idea on what they want.

Remodeled Home Exterior Circle
Remodeled Home Exterior Circle
Client Care
Client Care

Because many clients are unclear about their project, their biggest fear is being taken advantage of. 

It’s been our experience that most people will often think if they share their budget with us, we’ll raise our original prices to match their budget.

This couldn’t be further from the truth.

In fact, most of the time their numbers are much lower than what it really takes to build the project.

Next thing we know, we’re the “bearer of bad news” giving off a quote higher than expected…

When in reality, we’re just telling you the TRUTH. 

Luckily we’ve found a way to prevent this level of uncertainty between our team and our clients.

Proper Planning Requires EXPERIENCE & SKILL!

At EAC, we DON’T build projects from estimates.

It’s very easy for someone to give you an estimate. Especially if it’s in line with what you wish the project actually costs. 

Not only is this a waste of time… you’re taking on a HUGE risk.

When we give you a price to build your project, this price is our promise to you that we are taking on the risk.

Our team has the experience and confidence in our process and our abilities to plan and execute throughout the construction process.

Proven Track Record
Proven Track Record

Follow Our Simple Process

To ensure you have an incredible customer experience, we’ve created a smooth and seamless project process. 

Here’s how our process goes.


Design Phase

Design is not just a drawing, or a concept. When done correctly this involves what, who, where, when, and how, as well as “how much?”


Project Development

Depending on the type of project we are discussing, there are various ranges that work for beginning the project development phase. 

Some questions you may want to ask yourself regarding your project include:

  • Will there be a permit required? 
  • Do we need an Engineer?
  • Does the client already have a survey of their property? 
  • How many specialty trades will be involved?
  • Is architecture necessary, or will a simple schematic drawing suffice? 

Having a process to follow that is used every time, helps to navigate all of this risk and uncertainty.

Project Development Eac
Project Development Eac

Our Price Discovery Model & Agreement

Design and engineering costs usually start at around 8% of the total price for the job. 

Multiple revisions, whether called for by the client or the city can drive the costs up, as well as creating other problems with scheduling, delaying portions of the project, and adding fixed overhead costs. 

That’s why we use the price discovery model adopted by design build type companies.

Our discovery agreement is made when we have first established what our target is for the cost of the project. We need to align with our clients and make sure that our expectations are in line with each other. 

This way we can avoid services we can’t provide, while ensuring we always do an excellent job for you.

The price discovery model also helps you come up with a starting price for your project.

This allows us to help establish and reiterate the most affordable quote for you. This naturally depends on whether or not you choose any additions or remodeling options.

Once your price is established and agreed upon, the process of developing the construction agreement begins.

We Will ALWAYS Have Your Best Interests In Mind (Even If It’s Not In Ours)

Proccess Eac
Proccess Eac

Our job is to give you an honest estimate. Regardless if we’re a great fit or not.

We strongly encourage you to shop for other quotes and estimates to compare with ours. 

If we’re not a great fit, we have no problem referring you to another company to best suit your needs.

We make it a point to remain authentic and honest with our clients. Our ethics and quality of work means more to us than a quick sale. 

That’s why we will ALWAYS have your best interest in mind. Even if it’s not in ours. Because your trust means more to us than your money.

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