Mandi's Deck 10 East Austin Carpenters Project

Mandi’s Deck

In our first project with Yarrow Landscaping (link), we designed and built the deck, patio cover, and the large Cedar planters creating another beautiful outdoor living area. We also added a wood defender deck stain, along with vinyl roofing. Our client found these additions perfect for the clear roofing experience.

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Ralph's Deck 02 East Austin Carpenters Project

Ralph’s Deck

Ralph wanted to create this play area for his kids, and we installed a few gates to keep everyone in the yard. The main column which we removed was blocking light, fortunately, it was not structural.

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The Curran Family Deck Remodel East Austin Carpenters Project 00

Judy’s Deck

Looking to expand their space and replace the decaying post that was holding up part of their roof, they called us in. What they needed was a high-quality custom design. We made the repairs, expanded two of the decks, and created new custom steel railings with Painted black steel balusters. Then we used Cedar railings to give this deck a finishing touch.

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Ron’s House

Home renovation work done for Ron out in Spicewood TX. We started with some exterior repairs, cutting the deck around the oak trees, replacing fascia in areas with hail damage, and ended up replacing 5 of the very large exterior doors with custom made units, which involved removing and replacing the glass from the damaged units. We still provide Ron with Home maintenance and recently re built the wine cellar. The insurance restoration really helped after an HVAC unit failed and damaged the walls.

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