Andrews Balcony Featured

Andrew’s balcony

This Project was really a completion or refinement of what we feel was the original designers intent. Budget conscious builders in the Austin market didn’t quite deliver on concept or construction details on this house and our project began with an incorrectly waterproofed parapet wall causing a leak in the kitchen ceiling.

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Carlo's Deck 10 East Austin Carpenters Project

Carlo’s Deck

Carlos had a two story deck That was falling apart after 30 years. It was clear he needed a deck renovation. To redeck, we rebuilt structural portions that supported a part of the roof, replaced the entire top deck, redesigned the stairwell and stair framing. Post repair, we also added some new shade screening. Took some engineering on our end. But with the railing design, we added a hog panel railing.

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Treehouse Project 07 East Austin Carpenters Project

Treehouse Project

Done after hours, and on weekends this is our current office space. The floor insulation is Owens Corning R30; the walls are the new fiberglass r-15 and the roof r-22! And being a small space, it holds heat or A/C very well. The finishes are Pvc trim, Fiberglass reinforced plastic, FRP (The wall covering was chosen because it’s more lightweight and modern). The window trim is all Pvc, with Milgard windows, (custom Euro style) similar to casement but have no crank hardware and swing-out freely. After installing epoxy flooring, we built in a hip roof, giving the finished project a reliable metal roof.

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Rio Grande St 09 East Austin Carpenters Project

Rio Grande st

Replacing this wood deck railing, which had decayed on this historical building downtown, was a fun project. The kind that requires ordering custom moldings and doing some serious woodwork. We implemented Western red cedar with custom millwork and some exterior painting to give the deck a historical restoration.

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Sam's Roof 08 East Austin Carpenters Project

Sam’s Roof

Learning the insurance restoration process is an ongoing education. This project is an excellent example of where having these skills comes in handy. After an inspection, we discovered significant wind damage and were able to have the insurance company buy our client’s whole main Asphalt shingle roof and complete roof framing. We helped him save thousands of dollars on what would have otherwise only been a smaller project replacing the garage roof.

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Mandi's Deck 10 East Austin Carpenters Project

Mandi’s Deck

In our first project with Yarrow Landscaping (link), we designed and built the deck, patio cover, and the large Cedar planters creating another beautiful outdoor living area. We also added a wood defender deck stain, along with vinyl roofing. Our client found these additions perfect for the clear roofing experience.

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Concrete Fire Pit 07 East Austin Project

Concrete Fire Pit

After a few challenging projects building custom concrete countertops, we wanted to try something new. Never having made a concrete firepit, We were not sure what would happen and defaulted to the most sturdy materials possible. The mix was made with white portland cement, marble sand, and fly ash with steel reinforcement. The obsidian and onyx gravel was just a nice touch.

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Ralph's Deck 02 East Austin Carpenters Project

Ralph’s Deck

Ralph wanted to create this play area for his kids, and we installed a few gates to keep everyone in the yard. The main column which we removed was blocking light, fortunately, it was not structural.

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Tim's Pergola 03 East Austin Carpenters Project

Tim’s Pergola

A local Architect who lives near Chris contacted us about building this pergola because he wasn’t getting exactly what he wanted from pergola kits they had looked into. He wanted someone that could follow his detailed specs for woodworking.

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