Sam's Roof 08 East Austin Carpenters Project

Sam’s Roof

Learning the insurance restoration process is an ongoing education. This project is an excellent example of where having these skills comes in handy. After an inspection, we discovered significant wind damage and were able to have the insurance company buy our client’s whole main Asphalt shingle roof and complete roof framing. We helped him save thousands of dollars on what would have otherwise only been a smaller project replacing the garage roof.

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San antonio st 06 east austin carpenters project

San Antonio st

The remodeling company Solluna builders called us to help with this project downtown. Roof framing a new Gable end roof and expanding the office space on the top floor. We built the exterior stairs, reinforced the floor joists on both floors to bring the building up to code compliance for it’s group use. One of our final additions was the hog panel railing.

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